On demand, end to end AI-enabled
smart city and asset reporting technology

Our Mandate:
Applying AI technologies to connect and empower communities.

IRIS Research & Development is determined to bring together communities, spark creativity and foster innovation and collaboration in solving Smart City & Municipal challenges. We believe that by leveraging existing city assets, V2X (Vehicle to Everything) IoT and open data - we can create AI-Enabled Data Points and Next-Generation Applications that solve community problems and barriers to progress, save operational and capital expenses, create opportunities and jobs, and help further Ontario’s innovation ecosystem through applied research collaborations, early adopter test pilots and commercialization of ground breaking, Canadian owned solutions in the Global market.

Our Success Stories

Client Case Studies

An image of a irisGO Device mounted on a waste truck.

Hamilton Smart Cities Project

The City of Hamilton

IRIS was fortunate to partner with the city of Hamilton in the summer of 2020 to demonstrate the potential of automated data capture and reporting through the award-winning irisGO™ device. The analysis in this case study was drawn from 23,036 data points collected, of which 854 drove key observational actions. IRIS is now embedding more devices in municipal mobile and static assets enabling end-to-end data collection and data reporting solutions resulting in work automation, cost efficiencies, and higher levels of service – helping municipalities make data-driven, evidence-based decisions and interventions.

An image of a irisGO Device mounted on a waste truck.

AI-Enabled Pavement Condition Assessment

The City of Guelph

In the winter of 2019, the City of Guelph leveraged its Civic Accelerator program to source a technology partner with whom they can work to solve municipal challenges. IRIS was selected, among a large group of applicants, due in part to its strategic focus on addressing road preventive maintenance issues. In January 2020 the City of Guelph and IRIS agreed to extend their partnership. The results of the first four months of collaboration showed promise. It looked like the City could increase the frequency of data concerning road conditions; irisGO™ could be mounted on existing City vehicles, and anonymizing the video stream afforded adequate protection to public privacy. Demonstrably, it is possible to gather real-time data on road conditions.

An image of a irisGO Device mounted on a waste truck.

TechPlace Installs COVID-19 AI Early Warning Detection Technology

The City of Burlington

The City of Burlington’s Economic Development Regional Innovation Centre; TechPlace, recognized the potential of introducing AI technology to collect critical redacted data in order to safeguard its members and their staff during the Provincial Ministry COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines.

An image of a irisGO Device mounted on a waste truck.

Town of Orangeville Deploys AI Early Warning Technology to Lessen COVID-19 Crowd Clustering

The City of Orangeville

IRIS R&D Group’s innovative smart AI technology was the engine behind this novel use case scenario for Orangeville. The goal was to support the reopening of public places in a way that is in-line with Public Health guidance on social distancing and to understand the flow of people in public spaces.

An image of a irisGO Device mounted on a waste truck.

Deployment of AI Computer Vision Technology to identify Road Defects

The City of London

In June 2018 IRIS R&D Group Inc. a leading innovative Smart City Hardware and Data Platform company, partnered with the City of London to provide real time AI technology to detect and collect specific data inside their road network.

Our Team

Driven for Meaningful Impact

A headshot of Emil Sylvester Ramos the CEO

Emil Sylvester Ramos, A.MBA


Emil is a serial entrepreneur and a newcomer to Canada with ambitious goals to transform how municipalities collect and use data and is on a mission of creating safer and smarter Canadian communities. Emil has extensive related experience having previously founded a specialized slope protection company and a geotechnical testing and inspection company.

A headshot of David J. Keaney the CFO

David J. Keaney, CPA, CA, BCOMM


David has over 25 years of senior financial experience within the financial services industry. He has held Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer positions for one of Canada’s largest banking insurance groups, and other international Fortune 100 companies.

A headshot of David Moody

David Moody, MS.CS.


Over the past 25 years, David has led technology development within Internet-based companies of every size and stage of development, from early stage startups to multinational organizations. His expertise is in building sustainable, long-term solutions with the flexibility to meet the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

A headshot of Tom Bering, lead of Iot engineer.

Tom Bering, PH.D

Lead IoT Engineer

Over the past 30 years, Tom has implemented new process control, monitoring and Internet based technologies in many applications. PhD thesis was in large- scale multivariate data analysis to diagnose production and measurement issues in high-volume automotive applications, including machine vision systems. He resolves the electrical, mechanical and software challenges in high-volume data analysis and measurement applications.

A headshot of Samuel Dias, Civil Engineer & Pavement Lead

Samuel Dias, P.Eng

Civil Engineer & Pavement Lead

A design and construction professional with more than twenty years of solid experience in infrastructure project management and construction

A headshot of Thiago Borges, Civil Design Engineer

Thiago Borges

Civil Design Engineer

Construction professional with more than ten years of solid experience in large and complex engineering projects.

A headshot of Hendrik Nommik, GIS Lead

Hendrik Nommik, BS.C

GIS Lead

Hendrik has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography at The University of Calgary with more than 15 years in the GIS and technology sector with significant experience with large data sets for Utility, Forestry, Teranet and other government departments. Specializing in GIS software such as ESRI, FME, QGIS, and MicroStation.

A headshot of Kevin Xia, AI scientist

Kevin Xia, BS.CS

AI Scientist

Bachelor of Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence at Concordia University with significant experience in a number of technologies such as Tensor Flow, Cuda, Caffe, Keras, Torch, Accord.NET, Spark MLlib, Django, C++, JAVA; C#, Javascript, Python, PHP, OpenGL, Unity, React, and React-native.

An image of Emil Ramos presenting at the Lions Lair 2019 competition.

CEO Emil Sylvester Ramos and IRIS Team wins the 2019 Lions Lair 3 month competition.

An image of an irisGO enabled vehicle transmitting data.

IRIS Team piloting IoT technology around Downtown Toronto while transmitting low latency, high fidelity data using Toronto’s first 5G antenna.

An image of the iris team with Mark Steffler, Anita Cassidy and Burlington mayor Marianne Meed Ward.

The IRIS team with Mark Steffler, Manager, Innovation and Partnerships, Burlington Economic Development, Anita Cassidy, Acting Executive Director, Burlington Economic Development; Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward; Kevin Xia, Full Stack Developer, IRIS R&D; Mohammed Patla, Full Stack Developer, IRIS R&D

An image of the iris team at the IoT Driving Dreams showcase.

IRIS Team at IoT Driving Dreams showcase hosted by the City of Brampton and sponsored by RIC Centre, GEOTAB and Arrow Electronics.

A picture of the iris team gathered at the office.


Media Content and Client Testimonials


  • Our irisGO™ data collection device never collects private information
  • Privacy information such as faces, cars and bikes are redacted at source and is never collected

New technologies promise to help municipalities better manage urban environments and deliver services in a more effective and efficient way. They can help to make communities more liveable, sustainable, and fair. Many involve the collection and use of large amounts of information, including personal information. Cities or municipalities that use these connected technologies are often described as “smart cities.”

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) provides independent oversight of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). This act protects the privacy of personal information by setting rules for its collection, use and disclosure by municipalities and municipal institutions. These rules also give individuals the right to access their own personal information.

IRIS R&D Group is MFIPPA compliant.

an image of the irisGO vision auto redacting people's faces for privacy