IRIS at the 2019 IoT Driving Dreams Showcase
December 2, 2019

2019 IoT Showcase: Bringing together technology companies and highlighting innovators in the western GTA. The showcase will highlight innovative tech startups, corporate technology leaders, and Best in Tech industry awards.

A picture of Emil Ramos at the 2019 IoT Showcase.

This year’s 1st place winning team: INSTABUY


  • Over 2 dozen companies exhibited at the event and demonstrated an astounding breadth of innovative new products. Not PowerPoint presentations or brochureware but real engineered solutions to hard problems.
  • Over 300 registered attendees circulated and received demos, played with robots, asked hard questions and evaluated solutions applicability for their industry, partnership and corporate needs
  • Fabulous presentations by Geotab and Telus focused on the growing commercialization of IoT and the changing nature of innovation
  • A specific panel on the impact of automotive electrification on the electric grid and transportation was a great example of how our infrastructure must change in order to support innovative new technologies. Panelists joined us from Geotab, Opus One Solutions, Phoenix Contact, AVIN, and CSA Group to chime in with varied perspectives.
An image of the iris team at the IoT Showcase.

From left: Kevin Xia Machine Learning Developer, Emil Sylvester Ramos CEO, David Keaney CFO and Alvin Jin CTO.