IRIS launches new project with GTA Cities
October 29, 2019
An image of severe road damage.

Early last month, the executive team at IRIS, with some new members in tow, met with municipal partners to kickstart their latest IrisGO™ project to add new, innovative ways to solve multi city-wide issues.

The project is a partnership between the cities of Barrie, Guelph, and London, as well as the MaRS Discovery District and Innovation Guelph. The three-year-long project aims to collaborate with city vendors to improve public services and develop solutions that are sustainable and scalable.

Canada has over 765,000 kilometres of roads, and the city of Guelph has a road network of 581 kilometres. 20% of Canada's roads are currently in either poor or very poor conditions. The request for proposal was released in March and received four bids, which was awarded to IRIS last September.

An image showcassing the manual process of road maintenance recording.

Above: Manual Process IRIS is replacing today with 4 city projects targeted to save tax payers & municipalities 2.3 Million by 2022.

A picture of iris' COO brainstorming.

David Keaney, COO with MaRS partners and Innovation Guelph Mentors Anne Toner-Fung and Linda Horowitz.