IRIS Cable 14 interview for IrisGO™ & Lions Lair Competition
September 10, 2019
A picture of Emil and David during their Cable 14 interview.

Emil Sylvester Ramos, David Keaney & Laura Bobcock at IRIS Cable 14 Interview

From its roots in steel and textile production, to its evolution as a leader in life sciences, education and advanced manufacturing, Hamilton is a city of innovators and ambition. Great ideas are born and grown in our local schools and businesses, but great ideas aren’t guaranteed successes.

This is where Hamilton, a big city with a small-town community, excels. Alongside Innovation Factory, the innovation and entrepreneurship community in the greater Hamilton area is represented by business support providers, leading industry and professional firms, government and academic institutions. These organizations lend their support to entrepreneurs, fostering local talent and providing the type of resources and mentorship it takes to help a company grow to its potential.

Business can’t do it alone, and new companies need all the help they can get. Year-round support takes on many forms, but Innovation Factory’s LiONS LAIR rallies all the forces together to showcase the best in local talent and innovation at Hamilton’s leading pitch competition.