IRIS talks about Open Data, Data Governance and Transparency to City of Guelph community stakeholders
April 8, 2020

The challenge: How do we turn open data into open knowledge? IRIS is grateful to learn from and be a part of the City Of Guelph open data panel and speak about IRIS R&D Group Inc.'s mission of creating safer and smarter Canadian cities thru AI and Privacy enabled data points. The Guelph Police Service, County of Wellington, Innovation Guelph Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network and other community stakeholders led by City of Guelph innovation leaders Stewart McDonough Alex Brossault Karen Gomez and others are committed to meaningfully engaging residents through open data and authentic, local community collaborations.

An image of Emil speaking at Driven by Data event

Priority Areas of Action
To drive progress toward achievement of the Open Data objectives, the implementation of the Initiative is focused on three priority areas of action:

  1. Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement
    The aim of the Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement is to take stock of the work already being completed across the municipal data landscape, evaluate the needs of municipalities and position the Initiative as a catalyst for benefiting the entire municipal and open data landscape within Ontario.
  2. Indicator Mapping Availability & Data Collection
    Given the importance of leveraging standardized indicators to enable comparable and open performance measurement across Ontario municipalities, indicator availability mapping and data collection for Ontario municipalities is a core component of the Initiative. This resource will provide an important opportunity – particularly for smaller communities with limited resources – to initiative and/or accelerate their engagement with open municipal data.
  3. Municipal Outreach
    Engaging with Ontario Municipalities – as the primary stakeholders and beneficiaries of the Initiative – is a core element of the Initiative and provides the main mechanism for building data capacity.
A picture of Emil talking about the smart cities initiative.

Emil Sylvester Ramos speaks about Privacy by Design and IRIS’ commitment of protecting the data of community stakeholders.