IRIS expands to the District Municipality of Muskoka and it's 6 Townships
May 19, 2020

As waves of digital transformation sweep across cities globally, it's never more important than today to remain grounded and community centric. Together with Muskoka Futures, powered by Rogers Communications global IoT and GEOTAB we are bringing technology to the region with the goal of helping townships deliver information and essential services to community stakeholders while reducing operating costs, automating work and re-assigning undervalued municipal resources to more meaningful assignments in this emergency.
Thank you to our great project mentors Jodi Chapman-Good Tyler Lockhart David Brushey Jodi Parps Henry Wilsenack Grant Warren Isgad Khan Greg Murray Christopher Salvatore Charles Finlay Joe Natale Jeff Loney Ec.D. Ken Becking Alex Townsend, CFA Philip Poulidis Mike Branch Cyrus Tehrani Richard Dunda David Carter who are all fully committed in building a safer, smarter and brighter Muskoka and truly resilient Canadian smart cities.