City of Guelph has extended their partnership with irisGO
October 1, 2020

AC JumpStart client IRIS R&D Group has just come out of a very successful 2020, as the City of Guelph has extended their partnership with irisGO, an AI enabled plug and play IoT device that automatically captures objects of interest for municipalities.

IRIS R&D Group is a privacy-centric smart cities hardware data platform company that uses AI technology without compromising people’s privacy. IRIS ultimately helps municipalities make cost effective decisions based on data.

In 2019, the City of Guelph began to question how they could base their road maintenance on more frequent and comprehensive data concerning road conditions. In that same year, a satisfaction survey unveiled that road maintenance was the number one concern for Guelph residents. As a result, the City used its Civic Accelerator program to reach out for proposed solutions.

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An image of Emil speaking at Driven by Data event