On demand AI-enabled Transportation,
Pavement and Right-of-Way asset reporting technology

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A picture of a highway with cars
An icon of a vehicle using an irisGO device.

Road Monitoring

AI-enabled Fully Automated MMS 239/02 Compliance and Record Keeping

A side view of a metal bridge
An iccon of a checcklist of asset management.

Asset Management

AI-enabled Pavement and Right of Way Condition Assessments and Inventories

A computer showing data vizualization of a dashboard
An icon of the irisCITY dashboard solution.

Predictive Intelligence

Integrate seamlessly with existing GIS, ERP and asset management tools

Smart Powerful
Data Collection

Data collection seamlessly delivered from existing city vehicles using irisGO™ Maximize utility of city assets to enable significant cost savings and continuous data collection
Private data is NEVER captured – faces or plate numbers are redacted by the device at source

An image of a irisGO Device mounted on a waste truck.

irisGO™ installed on city waste vehicle

Smart data collection and GIS-Centric reporting
vextor illustration of a town with buildings
redbozes showcasing the AI video detection
A red street sign that has fallen down
A red street sign that has been repaired
A red street sign that has been repaired

irisGO™ Data Collection Mapping

Identification of road defects and right-of-way asset inventory

Asset Monitoring

AI-driven identification of changes and issues over time

Predictive Maintenance

Feeding intelligence into the strategic capital planning process

Fleet Management

Manage your fleets using AI-enabled route optimization

a vector illustration of the irisGO
A red street sign that has fallen down
A red street sign that has been repaired
A red street sign that has been repaired
An icon of the irisGO device.


Our plug and play award winning irisGO™ data collection device is integrated with artificial intelligence for real-time road condition monitoring.
Our technology utilizes accelerometers to detect road roughness for pavement condition index (PCI) reporting.

the irisGO device mounted on a service vehicle
if you can see it, irisGO can track it
irisGO data collection mapping
An icon of a pothole in the middle of the road.
Potholes, cracks, rutting, drop-offs
An icon of street light and street signs.
Light posts, signs, hydrants, guard rails, manholes
An icon of a trashvan an recycling bin.
Waste set-outs, bulk items, municipal litter bins, blue bins
A spray can representing graffity and other vandalism.
Graffiti, shared bike stations, bus shelters, electrical cabinets
asset monitoring
An icon of a clock representing irisGO ability to track items over time.
Track asset condition and degradation over time
an icon of could computing
Provide evidence-based data for strategic asset planning
An icon of a checklist of items.
Seamless integration with life-cycle modelling systems
predictive datasets
An icon of the irisCITY dashboard.
Track status of defects and work orders
An icon of a map with iris geolocation capabilitites.
Easy access to dashboards and heat maps
An icon of iris' capabilites of measure road segments.
Measure road segment and asset conditions over time
An icon of irisCITY ability to predict future patterns
Predict future work and planning activity
an image of the computer vision of the irisGO
an icon of an irisGO enabled city truck


  • Accurate, repeatable, objective in-field data
  • Informed decision making and optimized capital expenditure in the long-term
  • Assess asset condition, functionality, utilization, risk, performance and sustainability
  • Expedite inspection patrols and automate work dispatch orders
  • Manage maintenance evidence and statutory defence
irisGO data collection mapping
an image of the skyline of a city
an icon of a computer's motherboard

Our AI Algorithm does all the work for you.

Our irisGO™ technology helps redeploy undervalued city resources to other high value assignments and work activities by replacing dedicated city units, human inspectors and vehicles with an AI powered data collection & processing IoT system and by optimizing and connecting ubiquitous city assets - turning city buses, garbage trucks, employee vehicles and other mobile & static assets into “Smart”, autonomous and robust data collection systems.

Predictive datasets
a screenshot of the irisCITY platform viewing a map
an icon of the irisCITY dashboard

Vision Based Solution with Private Data Automatically Redacted

The key element of irisGO™ is the ability to collect data automatically then transmit the captured data to administrators utilizing the irisCITY™ cloud reporting platform. Data flow includes integration with existing customer data platforms. Each day data is visualized with location, state of the art ESRI-based GIS mapping, to identify specific data points found. Administrators are now in a position to visualize the defect and make data driven decisions based on the need and location. The next step is to click through for immediate work order processing.

Predictive datasets
The icon of irisCity

Vision Based Solution with Private Data Automatically Redacted

  • Data reporting is delivered via the irisCITY™ data platform
  • Data integrated within existing city GIS, ERP and CRM systems for continued down-stream efficiencies
  • Integrations for valuations, service level predictions, maintenance and capex programs
  • Road needs studies and assessments delivered by industry leading consultants

Our solution helps cities make data driven decisions, whether its building better roads, finding preventive maintenance opportunities or creating asset inventories, irisGO™ is your complete data collection system.

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The number of irisGO™ devices deployed with clients in both static and mobile applications are growing at incredible rates, gathering real-time data with ease and efficiency


The number of actionable data points gathered for our clients
grows daily


The amount of kilometers covered with irisGO™ data collection is increasing daily

an icon of a bank, representing data privacy
  • Our irisGO™ data collection device never collects private information
  • Privacy information such as faces, cars and bikes are redacted at source and is never collected

New technologies promise to help municipalities better manage urban environments and deliver services in a more effective and efficient way. They can help to make communities more liveable, sustainable, and fair. Many involve the collection and use of large amounts of information, including personal information. Cities or municipalities that use these connected technologies are often described as “smart cities.”

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) provides independent oversight of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). This act protects the privacy of personal information by setting rules for its collection, use and disclosure by municipalities and municipal institutions. These rules also give individuals the right to access their own personal information.

IRIS R&D Group is MFIPPA compliant.

an image of the irisGO vision auto redacting people's faces for privacy

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